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Online Nursing Books

The following electronic books are available through our online library. Accessing these eBooks will require you to log in the same way you log in to the databases. 



Advancing Your Career: concepts of professional nursing, 6th ed.
by Rose Kearney-Nunnery


Nursingscope and standards of practice, 3rd ed.
by American Nurses Association


Essentials of nursing leadership and management, 6th ed.
by Sally Weiss and Ruth Tappen


Guide to the code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statementsdevelopmentinterpretation, and application, 2nd ed.
by Marsha Diane Mary Fowler


Legal and ethical issues for health professionals, 4th ed.
by George Pozgar


Nursing now!: today's issues, tomorrow's trends, 7th ed.
by Joseph Catalano 



Mindfulness and you : being present in nursing practice, 1st ed.
by Dawn Bazarko



Delegation and you : when to delegate and to whom, 1st ed.
by Melanie Duffy and Shirley Fields McCoy



Communicationcollaborationand you : tools, tips, and techniques for nursing practice, 1st ed.
by Meaghan O'Keeffe and Cynthia Saver



Bullying in the workplace : reversing a culture, 1st ed.
by Joy Longo



Nurse staffing 101 : a decision-making guide for the RN, 1st ed.
by Lauri Lineweaver